Posvery is a photo and postcard sharing platform. You can share, sell, purchase and send postcard through this platform and recognize a new friend.

Posvery will send physical postcard to your friends.

You can upload your image into Posvery to sell it and earn money.

You can find some interesting image or picture from Posvery and purchase it and send it as postcard to your friends (For both member and non-member of Posvery).

Posvery is a social site which you can recognize new friends and communicate with each other via postcard or post a comment on our site.
You can invite your friends from Faceboox, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Vine, Ask.fm, Tumblr, Flickr, Google+, LinkedLn, VK, ClassMates, Meetup, etc to join Posvery via the invite page.
Myanmar (Burma) 2018 photo by Stijn Hoekstra www.stijnhoekstra.nl #Stijn_Hoekstra #Myanmar
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03-04-2020  07:20:56
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